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    Januari 24, 2003 .... A cobwebsite .....

    As from today this website will no longer be maintained and can be regarded to be a cobwebsite.
    When this site was setup originally in 1996 there where hardly any websites in the Netherlands at all,
    not to mention any sites related to paleontology. We were the first to publish some, albeit limited, information
    about what could be found in the Netherlands and to a lesser extent in Europe.

    Now however the time has come to pack up and freeze this website. Better sites have come to the web like e.g. the sites
    of the two main geological associations in the Netherlands (GEA and NGV) and I really do not have the time to maintain
    the site as it currently stands. I am still proud to have been the first and I will leave those pages that contain more
    or less static information that is not subjected to many changes. Maybe this infornation can still be usefull to someone.
    Also there are many links on the web to this site and I don't like to just take this site off-line without warning these
    other sites.

    I hope you have found this site to be usefull and wish you all happy hunting :-)

    Marcelino Arconada, webmaster

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